SPPD - Happier Children, Better World

Health and Nutrition

SPPD concentrates on health of the rural and urban children from deprived backgrounds as it is central to their overall development. To fulfil the same, we have been providing nutritional supplements through various means to the children in general and more in particular to the children living with HIV/AIDS.

The general health conditions especially a vast majority of children and women of villages and the poor neighbourhoods like slums in the towns and cities of Tamil is pathetic indeed.

Anaemia among women and mal nourishment among children is very high. Rural children in particular are worst affected. The case of Children with serious ailments such as Tuberculosis and HIV are in dire status. Hence SPPD focuses on the same.

Nutrition for Children of ESCs

The nutritional supplement is offered to the children of ESCs directly through peanut balls etc and the Kitchen Gardens promoted by the children greatly enhances their nutritional status.

Vital Nutrition for Children at risk of survival

Due to various causes such as its close proximity to the industrial hub of Namakkal town and the heavy migration of labour, the Musiri region has a high population of the victims of HIV

SPPD has involved itself in paying special attention towards the cause of both the children who are infected with HIV and those who are affected by being the children of the HIV infected parents. With the shattered economic productivity of their parents, the plight of the children of the victims of HIV is extremely pathetic.

Every month each of these children are distributed nutritional supplement kit. The kit consists of pigeon peas, horse gram, green peas, Horlicks (nutritional and mineral mix), dates, milk and eggs. For milk and eggs children are given cash for purchase. The activities have been carried out with the support of Global Giving and Give India.