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Disaster Management

Apart from providing relief and rehabilitation during natural calamities, SPPD has been actively engaged in preparing the people of the slum settlements of Chennai by imparting appropriate training as an on-going process.

The floods of November 2015 have brought life-changing disaster to Chennai tossing up the routine activities of its residents. As a result, many have suffered immeasurable destruction, loss, damage and despair. We initiated our immediate action towards the rescue of the victims of the flood in Chennai, our relief activities were carried out in Teynampet, Chennai, taking care of victim’s dire needs. Followed by this, we have been carrying out training on Disaster Preparedness to the flood prone communities of the slums of Chennai as an on going programme.

In an effort to streamline the relief assistance process, we teamed up to implement the delivery of immediate relief work like provision of Dress (food and water packets, mats, mosquito nets and bed sheets, Toiletries (Bathing soap, washing soap, towel, tooth brush and paste, hair oil, powder, combs, sanitary pads), Provisions (Rice, cooking oil, sugar, dhal), Utensil kit (cooking pots, frying pan, ladles, tumblers, plates), carbon emission free, smokeless stoves to the flood victims residing in the areas of Teynampet, Chennai.

Aids have been provided to the disabled and Educational materials to schools & Children

Student chairs, staff chairs, mats, file cabinet, games materials were procured and distributed to four schools. The most deserving students of these schools as well as children at the household levels from Teynampet area were provided with shoes, socks, uniform, stationery and ID cards. Aids to people who are living with disabilities

Crutches, elbow crutches, hearing aids, cot were provided to people living with disabilities.

Damaged houses were renovated

104 families were provided with necessary materials based on the beneficiary’s need. For the construction of roofing tarpaulin sheets were provided along with other needed construction materials. The provision of these most basic items had allowed care of their family members under proper safe roofing for those affected to have an assured shelter for themselves and take.

Community awareness and Disaster Preparedness programme

Community members are oriented on preparedness for disaster management. It is a continuing process and a massive initiative towards reaching out to as many persons as possible of the lakhs of poor inhabitants of slums in Chennai. So far the community level training has been imparted to the people living in Thiru.V.Ka Nagar, Dr.Giriappa Road and Thomas Road, Teynampet, Chennai.

Around 3000 participants children, older adults and neighbours living in that surrounding have taken part in the training programmes. They have been educated on immediate first aid, planning which involved identifying organizational resources, formation of teams, determining the roles and responsibilities, communication touch up with neigbhouring communities, etc. to ensure that the response system functions successfully.